Laser Plasma Coaxial Hybrid Welding Technology

The hybrid welding of laser and plasma arc is designed to overcome the common problems of crack, brittle phase formation and porosity that found in laser welding.While two heat sources are tightly coupled, they interact to form a high-density energy heat source.The inherent synergy of the composite heat source can alleviate or overcome the problems often encountered in a single welding method. For example, increase the material's absorption of laser energy, get a wider melting pool, better bridging capacity, greater penetration and faster welding speed.


The laser-plasma-coaxial compound heat source forming a working arc which emits a laser-centered beam surrounding by the plasma arc, which has both physics characters the high-density energy of the laser and the high-temperature plasma arc.In the welding process, the laser energy absorbed by the heated material can be increased to form a stable welding pool rapidly. In particular, welding high reflectance materialssuch as: aluminum alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel, magnesium alloy and other materials, can get more stable welding penetration and excellent welding quality.


The working arc of the composite heat source acts on the same melting pool on the work piece, and the heating melting area is symmetrically distributed. This feature can effectively reduce the common residual keyhole defectsits foundin laser welding.

The laser plasma coaxial compound welding system is composed of compound welding torch, laser machine, plasma power source, gas distribution system, cooling system and centralized control system. It can be combined with different robot motion actuators and tools to form a special hybrid welding system.

Suitable for welding of aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, high strength steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel, high temperature alloy and dissimilar materials.

This new welding process is suitable for high-end home appliances, automobiles, new energy vehicles, high-speed train compartment, subway cars, aviation, aerospace, petrochemical containers, heat ex-changer, medical equipment, sports equipment and so on.

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