Laser Plasma Hybrid Welding Technology-

AL7075 (AMS 4045) Aluminum Alloy Welding


Recently, we used laser plasma coaxial hybrid welding technology complete the AMS 4045 Aluminum alloy 6mm plate welding. And achieved the effect of internal defect-free. This is a breakthrough in welding aluminum alloy using heat source welding technology.

At present, there are three main problems in laser welding of aluminum alloy:

1. Aluminum alloy is a kind of high reflective material to laser. In the process of single laser welding, the high reflectivity of Aluminum alloy makes the welding process unstable, which affects the welding effect and quality. In severe cases, the welding process may be interrupted.

2. The other main problem of laser welding aluminum alloy is seam defects, during aluminum alloy welding, the gas hole, hot cracks and process gas hole are easily appeared in the seam. The process porosity is the by-product of laser deep penetration welding, which is the most important problem in laser welding of aluminum alloy.

3. Another main problem of laser welding aluminum alloy is the weakening of joint strength, that is the weld strength is lower than the base metal strength.

The technology of laser plasma hybrid welding is produced for high efficiency and highly quality welding of aluminum alloy, which provides a reliable way for using laser technology to replace traditional arc welding technology. Compared with the traditional arc welding technology, the laser hybrid arc is more stable and has stronger anti-reflection ability, and the laser absorption rate of the material is increased. The advantage of laser is retained and magnified, and the disadvantage is weakened and solved. It is a new breakthrough to Laser-hybrid welding, the inside of aluminum alloy welds with less porosity, high strength and almost no welding defects.

The X-ray inspection shows that there are no laser-specific pores, no hydrogen pores and thermal cracks. According to the result of X-ray inspection, the welding seam grade was evaluated qualified according to the industry standard of China-aluminum alloy laser welding process.

Pictures below are: Weld effect, longitudinal section of Weld, X-ray film, inspection reportimage.png

Weld surface forming



Longitudinal section of Weld



X-ray inspection of No.1 Weld


X-ray inspection of No.2 Weld


X-ray inspection of No.3 Weld

X-ray inspection report and conclusion (available separately)

Laser heat source and plasma heat source both belong to the range of high-energy beam heat source. They have the characteristics of energy concentration, strong adaptability and can weld almost all metal materials. The new technology and new method of laser-plasma hybrid welding, which combine the two kinds of heat sources organically, become a new heat source and take a solid step to solve the aluminum alloy welding.

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